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ACCELERATE 2013 Registration is OPEN!

Web Analytics Demystified is happy to announce that registration for ACCELERATE 2013 is officially open! This year we are doing a few things differently, including:

The reason we are charging for ACCELERATE now, where we have not in the past, is pretty simple: we have found that by having our attendees pay a small amount, we dramatically improve the quality of attendees. $99 is the largest amount we were comfortable charging to ensure that people who register are serious about their commitment to analytics.

That said, we can assure you that NOBODY will be turned away because of a lack of ability to pay. If you’d like to register but cannot afford the conference fee please email us¬†and we will make sure you are taken care of.

We will be posting more about ACCELERATE 2013, including exciting news about our sponsors and some of the great things we have planned, in the coming days. Watch this blog or follow our new @accelerate13 account for details.

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